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Gray Line is the largest provider of sightseeing tours on the planet. For more than 100 years, Gray Line has been at the center of creating and operating the best traveler experiences in the world’s most sought after sightseeing destinations. With thousands of tours and experiences in more than 700 locations, spanning six continents, Gray Line is also the largest direct supplier of destination services to online travel sellers, wholesalers and travel agents. Founded in 1910, Gray Line has grown into the most well-known consumer brand in sightseeing tours. Its global network of elite providers operates day tours, airport transfers, hop-on hop-off tours, multi-day packages, walking tours and other specialized destination services.


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Gray Line Geneva is the local expert you need, for over 45 years now our company has shown the secrets of Geneva and surroundings. Every day we create memories that last a lifetime, safety and quality traveling hand in hand with our first class visits. Discover new people, explore different places and find yourself in a world you did not know existed. There are many who can take you to visit, but only with Gray Line will you feel like a local resident at every destination you visit.

For 100 years, Gray Line has been the trusted name for tours around the world. With tours and excursions in more than 700 locations on six continents, we are the largest tourism company in the world.

Founded in 1910, Gray Line has since grown into a global tourism network of local experts offering "one-of-a-kind" itineraries for adventure, luxury and economy travel.


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